Friday, August 26, 2011

I Don't Need HGTV To Make My Space Awesome

    It is no surprise to anyone that I love to make things to decorate the space that I call my own. I have my innocent obsession with HGTV makeover shows. Now, this has its downfall... I get way too many ideas to make my space look radtastical (yes, that is a word... in my mind at least) and I either don't have an unlimited amount of money to make my gold leaf wall paper line the room or I simply don't have enough room left to make a project happen. So, what do I do? A ton of little epic things! Off I go to the thrift store and dollar stores. They always have such awesome things to either make other items with or fun little trinkets you can make better with very little effort. A mini show off after the jump!

    I suppose I should start with the less involved of the two projects. While thrifting with my dearest Denise, I moseyed around the store and BAM! This epic piece nearly jumped off the shelf and beat me with its geniusness. It can be a little hard to see how awesome a white vase could be when it is surrounded with eighty other white vases/goblets/bowls/you name it. But I saw it and I had to make it mine. Nothing would keep me from possessing this fine piece of art. Not even some little old lady had she reached for it, I might have just stiff armed her to get at this magnificent glazed piece of porcelain. This is the vase in all its glory.

    Pretty spiffy huh? I got it home, set it on a couple different surfaces and just really thought it was missing something. I pondered a bit, went to the drawing board to come up with a few ideas. Genius smacked me upside the head once again. Flames, I needed something with fire... maybe not REAL fire, but a representation should do just dandy. My result?

    Yup... feathers. Purdy aint she? =P

    On to the next project, my dollar store invention! These little suckers (all supplies, minus the candles) cost me a whopping 7 dollars. The adhesive and six separate glass pieces, I don't think I could find a set like this that cheap. I glued mini hurricane lookin' things to the tops of tea light votive stands, let them completely dry overnight, tossed a few candles (ok... maybe like 6 candles over the past week. What can I say the layered wax looks neato), and enjoyed the candle light! I saw a similar tutorial on a website and thought pft, I could do that no problem. I have made well over a half dozen sets using glass candlestick holders as bases and used a glass etching cream to do various designs on the hurricane bit. This may be the easiest, most personalized and unique gift I have given people. Not to mention that it is wallet friendly. With out further adieu, my cute candle holders...

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