Sunday, August 7, 2011

Up On A Pedestal

    As many of those in my life know, I LOVE old school/classic/retro things. Mildly obsessed? Maybe.. but I haven't acknowledged I have a problem yet, therefore my problem doesn't exist! (Perfect logic... don't question it.) As most of you also know, I refuse to pay top dollar for pretty much anything. I'm a college kid dammit! Haha! What I can't purchase on a budget I create, and I create quite frequently. It has its downside and upside. I may not be able to have the snazziest store bought things, but no one else has the nifty little trinkets I make with my own two hands. Personally, I think that results in some of the more unique pieces.

    I have always admired cake plates and their lovely stands. Everything was either too modern, too expensive because it was an antique and they knew it, or was snatched up under my nose... damn you bidding wars on eBay!

    That being said, let us get on with our crafty endeavor! Since I'm not so handy with power tools I opted to go with a few premade items. Off to Joann's I went and over to Lowes too for a few pieces. For my base and pedestal topper I used simple unfinished wooden plaques. Sounds like an easy idea right? Yay easy DIY! I needed something a little more decorative for my post aaaaand I still am not good with any kind of power tools. While at Lowes I wandered around where I might find some kind of snazzy piece of wood to work for what I needed. Genius struck! A couch leg, it's just short enough and is generally unfinished wood. After a little wood glue and a coat (or three) of paint I had a rad pedestal. Huzzah!

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