Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Ribbon Worthy

    While tooling around the craft store (bad idea to go into one with out a list... I always walk out with more than I intended), I saw the most adorable paper ribbons. The precious zig zag/crinkle, a little sparkleness tossed on, a nice message proclaiming a job well done, and that sharp look of the paper ribbon tassels below all the decoration. Then my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the price tag. How can three layers of paper, a bit of adhesive and glitter be damn near $7?! The supplies cost $1... maybe... $1.50 if you wanna get real fancy with it. Being the crafty chick we all know I am, I said, "Nay! I will not pay seven times the cost of supplies for something that can easily be made!"

    Cue music for the trial and error video montage...

    Let me just tell you, these suckers are easy to make... once you figure out the measurements for what you want these gems are cake to make. Figuring out the size of each little part is kind of a pain. The first one I made had a HUGE zigzag crinkly background thing and the medallion looked miniaturized. After a little editing and a ton of scrapbook paper to sort through, I found the perfect color combos for a few ribbons.

    Now, I am by no means a stamper and definitely not a good stamper. I ended up with a pile of cute medallions with crappy stamp-jobs on them. Oi, what a head ache... Note to self, learn how to stamp. Better yet, outsource down the street to Denise aka the Pro-stamper who can put my stamping skills to shame. (Who would have though a piece of cut rubber and ink would be such a cumbersome task to undertake?!)

     I present to you, my first batch of trial and error paper ribbons. Take that craft store chains, your $7 price tags can bite me. =P

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