Saturday, January 14, 2012

Idle Hands? Never!

    Being bored isn't something I find to be applicable in my day to day life. Why? I'm always making something on my art to do list. This week was a craft-filled week containing mostly jewelry. My inspiration for this week? Margeaux Lange (you MUST see her work), some vintage jewelry I saw at an antique store, and a trendy/overpriced mom's baby supply shop.

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Delicious Fried Marbles

    I never thought I would ever be compiling a recipe for jewelry. Then again, there are a lot of things I have discovered in my crafting ventures I didn't think I would ever be doing. I've discovered a how-to on a blog that had weird unclear pictures and I'm not sure English was their first language. Either way, I managed to deduce the instructions and give a simple recipe out of trial and error, lots... lots of BAD error. How bad of error? I'm still trying to get the feeling back into my index finger from slicing it off. Take it from me, I've made a recipe that is NON-finger slicing.

Going Against The Grain

    On the rare occasion I stamp, I like stamps that are a little quirky, a teeny bit random, and a whole truck load of unique. I have always loved the look of wood grain and have never found a stamp that had what I was looking for. Either far too much detail was in a tiny stamp area or reaaaaaally plain. So what do I do when I want something and can't find it? I McGyver it up!

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Whistle While You Work (And Maybe A Little Sashaying)

    Being true to being a girl, I love my shoes, especially ones with heels.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inspiration Round Up

    I may be in the middle of a million projects, as usual, but the constant hunt for inspiration never stops. Pinterest isn't exactly helpful with my artistic ADHD. It IS however, an endless stream for additions to my ever growing inspiration file on my laptop. Inspiration this week? Lace.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Am A Highly Evolved Eight Year Old

    Well, well, well... how does a twenty-something bring in the new year? By making shrinky dinks. Yes. Those stupid little plastic chips of goodness. I just about giggled when I took out the first batch. A drawing that shrinks down and some how is instantly cooler because its a miniature sized version of itself. Odd concept really... but intriguing none the less. I blazed through all six sheets of this shrink paper in about two days. I just couldn't stop creating goodness on this plastic. So what have I created? Here's a little looksy, more after the jump!