Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Am A Highly Evolved Eight Year Old

    Well, well, well... how does a twenty-something bring in the new year? By making shrinky dinks. Yes. Those stupid little plastic chips of goodness. I just about giggled when I took out the first batch. A drawing that shrinks down and some how is instantly cooler because its a miniature sized version of itself. Odd concept really... but intriguing none the less. I blazed through all six sheets of this shrink paper in about two days. I just couldn't stop creating goodness on this plastic. So what have I created? Here's a little looksy, more after the jump!

    The process is really quite simple. Draw on the sheet of shrink plastic with colored pencils, cut out the shape, punch holes for jump rings, bake (which is really the best part to watch. It gets all warped and curled in the oven, eventually leveling its miniature self out), let cool, cover with Mod Podge glaze to set the pencil from smearing. Who knew this simply children's project would be so much fun as an adult. 

 Yes, I am obsessed with Hello Kitty
Eloise - One of my FAVORITE books as a child

Mexican wrestling mask? Don't mind if I do.

A few in the glazing process not quite dry. 

The whole gang of ready Shrinky Dinks. You could say I'm in love.

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