Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting Into The Spirit

    There isn't much I love more than the holidays. Soy peppermint lattes, lights and garland hung on the railing outside, packages with ADORABLE toppers under the tree. Which brings me to the best part. The tree and all the trimmings on this magnificent beast of perfectly twisted metal and probably some terrible cancer causing plastic pine needles. *Sigh* sounds so wonderful when I put it that way huh?

    As we all know, I get a little cracked out around the holidays. It might be that latte kicking in, the need to make things before the day of presents arrives, the anticipation for the end of the semester... who am I kidding? It has got to be all of that rolled into one ball.

    This year my ma and I chose our theme and I got to crackin' on the making of these decorations. Our theme is lacking in... theme-iness. Instead we chose pink and red to be the colors we focused on, with tons and tons of white, silver and sparkly goodness. Off we went to the dollar store for some plastic globe ornaments. Gotta love not being able to put up the extra special pretties that instantly shatter into six thousand pieces... thanks to my rabid hounds. I whipped up some neato ornaments and slapped those suckers on the tree. What did I come up with? Tada!

Santa - Definitely suitable on a tree

Ok - So maybe I didn't make these... my grandma made these 40 years ago, but she just used pipe cleaners and plastic graduated beads! Perfect little icicles to catch light on the tree

OBVIOUSLY I didn't make this amazingly adorable Hello Kitty, this is just the ornament my ma picked out for me this year. I love the tradition in the Day house for my sister and I to get a new ornament every year... this year's takes the cake. 

See that lil peppermint? Ripped off 20 of those little buggers off one of those vase sprays thingies. Glued a bit of ribbon on the back and voila! 

    A ton of others made it up on the tree, but here are just a few. Now go get your holiday spirit cranked full blast!

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