Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whistle While You Work (And Maybe A Little Sashaying)

    Being true to being a girl, I love my shoes, especially ones with heels.

    Also being true to myself, I embrace my inner persona. Many have a sweet little old lady who cares for everyone they encounter, others have a devious little boy who burns ants and speeds down hills on radio flyers. Me? I happen to have a skinny, sassy, homosexual who dresses up as "Creme Brulee" on the weekends his drag stage character who LOVES the gaudy. Yes, my inner persona also has an inner persona. Jealous? =P

   So where does Creme Brulee and my shoe collection come together, other than the fact that she would love to raid my closet? I had a pair of heels I loved to death, but were getting a little long in the tooth. Stains, scuffed heels, and sort of an out of style print.

    Since I couldn't part with these obviously outdated and busted shoes, I jazzed those babies up and made them something new. A little acrylic paint to cover up the multitude of colors, booboos and oopsies. Then a TON of rhinestones, way too much time on my hands, AND glue that probably killed all of my brain cells... BAM epic shoes of ugly and amazing proportions.

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