Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inspiration Round Up

    I may be in the middle of a million projects, as usual, but the constant hunt for inspiration never stops. Pinterest isn't exactly helpful with my artistic ADHD. It IS however, an endless stream for additions to my ever growing inspiration file on my laptop. Inspiration this week? Lace.

    Before I begin, let us all envision those HORRIBLE 80's dresses with the lace appliques topped with sequins and awful tulle fringe, mountains of shoulder pads to make any woman look like a burly linebacker, fingerless gloves, and crunchy shiny fabric. BLEH! Got that flammable and potentially blinding vision out of your system? Good. Now lets get on with the gorgeous things lace can bring!

    Subtle uses of lace or statement pieces are the new and best way to utilize this age old art of lace. An entire dress made of lace? No, no, no. Not unless you happen to be a blushing bride, or reenacting a lady in waiting from some civil war homecoming. Lace is an under used accent in my personal opinion. I blame the 80's for this. The 80's essentially killed the desire to use lace in many women. I say pish-posh! Lets bring it back without any hesitation. I'm so tempted to run to the thrift store to find terrible 80's wedding dresses and pick them to pieces to get the over done lace strewn alllllll over them

 Lace made into a cuff and then beaded? How devine?!

 No girl can ever have too many headbands to choose from

 I desperately want to find a loose fitting man's cardigan to do this too. So sweet and chic.
The love of cowl necks never stops with me. 

What an easy way to take cut offs that are just a little too snug on the leg and make them loose fitting?

    If you have any other gorgeous lace ideas send them my way! Inspiration is always welcome. =]