Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 70's, A Little Upcycling, And A Lot Of Creativity

    My lovely Aunt Anita was kind enough to send me a bunch of old and dead watches for my ever growing love of steam punk art. There was one watch in particular that she warned me I was getting, not wanting to spoil the surprise I forbade her from revealing its glory before I got it in the mail. All the information she gave up was that it was gaudy and straight outta the 70's. I might have squealed a little and possibly did a little happy dance, but I don't have to ever confirm or deny those facts. (Who am I kidding? We all know I did that and possibly tossed a handful of glitter in the air and danced under it.)

    I patiently waited for the mail to come. Once it did come, I nearly ripped the box into two very distinct pieces the moment I got my hands on it. The other watches suddenly seemed less important. Don't you dare think I didn't cherish each one for their guts after my eyes soaked up the glory of the mystery 70's watch. I digress! I present to you... my magical 70's watch.

    Ok... So I might have forgotten to take a picture BEFORE I ripped the back off and gutted this flashy little fish. UH-MAZING right? I know, I know... it is gaudy, it is gold and it is chunky, but I love it! A little flair never hurt anyone right?

    Before I reveal my 70's steam punk amazingness, I have to tell you... my the professional photographer side is throwing up and gagging on the remnants in her mouth knowing I used the camera on my phone to show this off for my snazzy little blog. I was just so damn anxious to get this online! I promise to update with a real photo later. Any how, here is ze creation!

Update! Here is the promised photo =]

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