Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hot 'N Steamy

    My love of all things steampunk never fails. I have FINALLY received my long anticipated package from India with a handful of old watch faces and guts. So what did I do?
I spent a good 2 hours dissecting the ancient gadgets. Again I battled the evil stubborn screws and the timing spring that would suddenly let loose and make its grand appearance by expanding 12 times its coiled size.

    Having made a ton of the steampunk bases, I have yet to decide who will be a ring, who will be a pendent, or who will be part of a new steampunk direction. I also decided to get a little clever with my crafting and actually use the face and band from a watch my dear aunt sent me (which by the way I need to send off one of my creations to her. Oi! My to do list grows by the minute).

    Here are a few of the hot 'n steam(punk)y creations. =]

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