Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Topiary I Can't Kill

  I have loved topiaries since forever, they are fancy schmancy and frankly just adorable. However, I  don't have the patience for the ivy bush to grow nor the skill to make a chunk of ivy look like an elephant balanced on a ball (it would end up looking like I had a mild seizure while wielding garden shears, yikes).

    Soooooo, instead of going grand, I thought small scale. I didn't think it was absolutely necessary to have a giant potted ivy bush in a 2 foot tall pot on my porch to sport the topiary look. A small 3 inch tall pot seemed to do the trick just fine. Since keeping plants alive is not exactly my forte, I opted to go the nifty not live route. Some foam core as dirt, a styrofoam ball to shape the top, moss as my ivy, and a wooden dowel for the trunk and I had myself a suitable base for my topiary. Lets not forget to mention the grip of hot glue used to make these suckers. I didn't have too much trouble with this project surprisingly, though I will mention that hot glue is hot (duh) and it oozes up to the top of the moss when you press down on it to adhere it to the core. Learned that one the hard way. Oops... haha. See my result after the jump!

    With out further ado, here is my topiary!


  1. Um I have no idea what Outre means but I'm going to look it up now... THAT IS SO PERFECT FOR YOU!!! I must find a way to use that word today. Can you break down the pronunciation for me?

  2. Why thank you ;] I spent nearly a 3 hours looking up different words that kinda fit that meaning and finally found "outre" and lovvvved the way it sounded. It is pronounced "oo-tray."