Monday, August 22, 2011

No Creations Doesn't Mean No Creativity

    I haven't exactly been super busy photographing any of my latest creations. However, I have been thrift store hunting and stumbling (oi... that is a death trap... got stuck flipping through the endless pages for HOURS!). After creating Reginald, to be explained in a post in the near future, I needed to give my little fingers a break from creating things. What I have book marked, saved into the all important "art ideas" folder on my laptop, and just plain jotted down in my idea book has come to a point where I feel I must share some inspiration. Don't need to be selfish with my collected goodies, now do I?  Ideas after the jump!

   You must forgive the potential randomness I am handing over to you, but what is life with out sporadic behavior?
Who doesn't love a beautifully done monochromatic piece?

Dimensional cards that aren't cluttered, ugh! Gorg!

Button, button. Who's got the button.

Soft, sweet, chic(k)

Delicate accents that aren't over powering, good to learn

    Maybe my inspiration today is a little on the whimsical side, but adorable none the less. Any suggestions for a future theme of inspiration? Vintage submarines? Feathers? Playtime? Gimme some ideas!

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