Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wreaths, Wreaths Everywhere... And Not A Surface To Spare

    I have been working like a mad woman, and yet I seem to have time to make wreaths (or maybe I'm just forcing time in there). I'm sure my sister is absolutely fed up with every surface and everything being covered with glitter and tulle. (Sorry sis) Because my new obsession has taken over and I finally had to guts to list something on Etsy.

    I'm hoping to maybe send all these wreaths to loving homes! It is always a little sad to have a creation leave my hands, but if I kept everything my garage would stay looking a hot mess! Needless to say, there have been many trial and error periods with wreath making. Mostly my errors revolve around me scorching my fingers with hot glue and poking the hell out of my skin with wire. I swear sometimes crafting requires combat gear and a written will. After weeks of me inflicting injury upon myself, I am proud to say I have a sufficient love and appreciation for those gorgeous wreaths you see hanging on front doors all season long. There is a constant influx of ideas, my phone's note pad can vouch for that, and have started with mostly traditional wreaths. Here's the result!

Fancy any of these wreaths?
Be sure to head over to my new Etsy shop!

    Stay tuned for a little more on the unconventional side of wreaths and be sure to check out my shop!

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