Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Step Right Up!

   College has ended, I have a new city to explore, and a new room to decorate (and the the whole house to assist in decorating). Can you say OH MY GOSH, so exciting!? Needless to say, I am happy to have this  experience at hand. Nothing makes a crafty chick, like myself, excited to have new and fresh ways to make my creativity happen. Now, don't let me get ahead of myself. There has already been some pretties put up in the downstairs to make this house feel like a home, but knowing me I have to plan, do a little research and come up with a boat load of ideas before I actually get to making anything remotely awesome. My room. What to do... what to do? In the past few months I have been working on a fun project that is circus related and KAPOW! Ideas explode out of my brain and splatter across the wall... well... less blood and grey matter much more paint and glitter. The soon to be theme of my room? A grown up circus with that twist of demented humor I seem to have an abundance of. More after the jump. ( Warning... this post is obese with pictures =] )

I may be chalk full of inspiration images, but you gotta start somewhere right? So here are the goodies I've collected for my jumping off point. 

Everything is just amazingly perfect isn't it? I may get some of the vintage photos printed and put them in cute little frames, who knows what may come about. But now is the fun part. Things I already have in my possession. Things I either found that were absolutely right or things I pulled out of my twisted little mind and made into reality. (Please ignore the quality of these photos, sometimes I just get too excited about what I've made I bust out my phone and snap a photo... while completely forgetting I have my better cameras just upstairs... ugh... dumb...)

This was my final project in wood shop, you have probably seen this finish on a previous blog of mine - well here is the outcome and something I plan on using in my room. Also - say hello to Michelle my Vanna White for the day.

Lamp shade one...

...and two =]

These letters will make their way above my bed, how saucy of me! Haha They are fairly sizeable, each one of those tiles it is resting on is 4"x4"

Lastly, meet Beatrice. She is my Ross find. I happened upon her and couldn't let her go!

    Now you all see the direction I am heading in and I will definitely be posting (better) photos once they are in my room! Eep! The circus has come to down and I'm not letting go.


  1. LOVE the muscle men...gotta have that.

    1. I'm thinking I may have to have a muscle man pillow. It is just too freakin' awesome to pass up.