Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sweet Treats, Zero Calories

Yup, you read that right. NO CALORIES. An adorably delicious sweet treat with none of the guilt and all of the indulgence. Well... maybe there isn't exactly anything edible to include in this post. I know! I know! False advertising! I promise the trickery is worth it though. I have come to acquire the love of shoes at a young age and I don't foresee that love going away any time soon. New, funky, out-there, and a little outrageous are always good qualities to have in shoes. So what exactly do these two worlds have in common?

Oh yes, these bad boys on my feet are exactly what I have sought to create. Yummy shoes! When you find a jackpot where shoes cost under $8 and they are mildly ugly, you don't just pass them up. Not when you are creative at least. You let the creative faucet open WIDE up and let the ideas just come in full force. Embrace the awesome power of creative direction! Let the lightening bolts of epicness strike you! (Okay, let's be honest... I saw some shoes on a certain website. Fell in love and damn near had a heart attack when I saw the price tag.)  We all know I couldn't pass them up so I had to discover a way to make them my self. After a little trial and error and lots of "oh crap" moments, I have mastered the art of the yummy shoe!

My before and after!

I had to share my goodies on facebook and instagram (instagram @tatsmcgee32 just in case you were curious about my other adventures) Lo and behold someone was interested in what I made and asked me to make her a pair of flats. Needless to say I learned how to make polymer clay bacon too. Still harnessing that skill ha!

I need more fun food ideas for the next shoe! Berry pies? Old fashion licorice? Pizza?

How about just fun ideas in general? Little mermaid shoes? Starry Starry Night swirl shoes? Shoot them my way!

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