Sunday, September 4, 2011

That's Just Vial

    eBay and craigslist are my nemesis. Not because they are evil and destroy the universe, (ok maybe just a little) but because I always find little trinkets and things I can use a gajillion times cheaper than any craft store can offer me. The latest find came to me in the form of that image as a tiny thumb nail ^^^. I had no idea what I would use all ten precious vials for, but I knew if I didn't get them an amazing potential craft would pass me by. Here are just three I made.

    Now take into consideration that I had quite a difficult time deciding the contents of just these three. Such a precious resource of tiny vials could not be wasted!

    Meet Vial of Unicorn Blood

His soul mate, Sprinkles

And their lovechild, Vial of Wishes
(yes... those are in fact dandelion seeds!)

1 comment:

  1. OH how cute!!! You should make some Christmas ones with reindeer food and elf sprinkles.... those would make cute gifts for children AND people would buy them.