Friday, November 2, 2012

Bringing 'Em Back Y'all!

     So trends are known to fade in and out, but honey some trends don't simply fade. They sometimes boldly step in and then make a grand exit. Well it is time to bring back one of those loud statements - epaulettes. Epa-whos? Epaulettes! They are those grand bits of shoulder candy worn by generals and modern pop icons. I say enough with the upper crust exclusively wearing these, and it is time to incorporate them into daily wear. I present to you... epaulettes. 

(ok... please know this one is strictly a joke...)

Over accessorized? Yes please

Angry? No, just prickly =P

More than just shoulder candy? I'll take it

Pseudo traditional? Double yes!

Feathers?! Who doesn't love feathers?!

Ok - I have to shamelessly add my Halloween garb. Crazy makeup and all.

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