Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Second Lesson I Have Learned As An Art Major

    Everyone in the art building at SDSU can admit some of the classes they have taken are just not their style of art, or even something they are remotely good at. (If you are one of those majors that's just good at everything... we can't be friends anymore lol) However, I have noticed a kind of family that forms with in the walls of the poorly designed art buildings. Everyone is pretty much willing to help their fellow students, even the guys and girls in the Blick store. Which by the way is MUCH appreciated by us kooky students.

    But the lesson isn't so much about people being good people and helping each other out, it is about the professors expecting you to be good at what they are teaching because their subject is the most important ever and every other professor else can go suck it. Crappy way of teaching right? Well, I guess the way I have explained it makes it sound awful and no one should ever go into the art program because all the professors are rotten people and expect the sun and moon to rise and set on their knowledge. Wrong.

If Metal Shop Has Taught Me Anything...

    If I have learned anything from a tedious class directed by a professor with standards nearly no beginning student could measure up to - it is that when in doubt have a clever story on hand. Rotten advice? No, just... creative. So you forgot to adjust the last of 85 rivets you just did by hand? Artistic license - I meant to do that. Maybe that cut line isn't as straight as your original sketches indicated. No worries, the ability to change your  mind and have a new vision is simply the only logical reason! How about that design you obviously "borrowed" from an artist? No, no, no, it was my interpretation/homage/allegory of the original piece. (Catch where I am going with these "descriptions"? It isn't always about making the most amazingly perfect piece, it is about convincing your audience it is the most amazingly perfect piece)

Remembering The Good Stuff

    Not very often do I look through old photos I've taken. Why? I suppose I just forget that I have them. Maybe it is because I had a great time taking them and processing them so I don't want to tarnish the fond memories I have of the event. Needless to say, those excuses are lame.
    As I scrolled through the massive folder (that I ultimately need to put on an external... my poor slow computer) I have come to see what a random variety I have in my photos. Rather than be selfish by talking about the photos and not giving you the slightest clue as to what I am capable of in my professional career, I figured it was time to share them... even if it is just a few ;]