Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If Metal Shop Has Taught Me Anything...

    If I have learned anything from a tedious class directed by a professor with standards nearly no beginning student could measure up to - it is that when in doubt have a clever story on hand. Rotten advice? No, just... creative. So you forgot to adjust the last of 85 rivets you just did by hand? Artistic license - I meant to do that. Maybe that cut line isn't as straight as your original sketches indicated. No worries, the ability to change your  mind and have a new vision is simply the only logical reason! How about that design you obviously "borrowed" from an artist? No, no, no, it was my interpretation/homage/allegory of the original piece. (Catch where I am going with these "descriptions"? It isn't always about making the most amazingly perfect piece, it is about convincing your audience it is the most amazingly perfect piece)

    Oh art school, how you have taught me to be a scoundrel! Or is this just a sneaky little ploy to get me to be more creative with my words rather than always with my hands? Either way, my metals class has instilled the art of b.s.ing. Awful skill to have possession of, but when your grade depends on it I will, with out shame, have an incredible back story as to how I came to my creative conclusion.

    Speaking of creative conclusions, here were a couple I reached in that class :

Our assignment for the metal box was to create a box meant to hold an intangible thing. I chose debauchery. Typical me right? However - I chose a different approach than just making a box for a word. I ended up making the box based on the idea of a woman wearing a man's trench coat with sexy lingerie on underneath it. Pretty saucy huh? Behold!

This necklace was my final project for the class, we had to use nonmetals paired with metals. I ended up casting colored pencils in resin, cutting them sort of like a gemstone, and then polishing those suckers up. The metal is well... the metal-y part haha (Pardon my awkward rivets on the gems - it was completely intentional =P)

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