Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quiet Books - Not Always For Toddlers

    For those of you that know me, you know me to be a rather over the top and colorful person. And no, not just my hair is colorful. =P Many of you also know, I love to do things that are rather playful in my art. When tasked with a serious project or one never intended to have little eruptions of laughter around the room, rest assured - I'll make sure there is at least one smile in the room. Either a devious smirk or an innocent lil giggle, I will make it happen. In my fibers class we were assigned to embroider a self portrait. Now this didn't have to be an actual portrait of ourselves, it could be a representation or anything that was "us". Up went  an eye brow and a crooked little smile appeared. Commence Dragulation!

    Wait... what? Dragulation? Any of you RuPaul's Drag U fans out there will know this phrase all too well. Essentially - It means to do up in drag. Yes, drag. I chose to embroider my inner persona. A skinny lil black queen, with pink hair, dazzle for days, and a stage name of Creme Brulee. I know it is cuckoobananas, but let's face it - anyone with hair that looks like My Little Pony PROBABLY isn't the most sane person in the world. But I'm oh so much fun =P

    I didn't just make ANY embroidery, I chose to make a quiet book. Quiet books are usually intended for the rambunctious child to entertain them with little activities in a softy book. Counter intuitive for a rambunctious child like me huh? That's half the fun though!

Behold - the not quite kid appropriate quiet book

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