Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pretty Things For Pretty Little Girls

    I must admit, I have fallen off the crafting train for the most part of 2013. My final semester of college (yay! officially an SDSU graduate!) really kicked my ass and made personal projects almost impossible to accomplish. Super bummer on that front, but on a lighter note - I'm back! After moving into a new place, one of my new roommates discovered my creative streak and it has been a smorgasbord of adorable head bands for her precious little girl on the way. So obviously, with a girl on the way, I had to bust out the tulle, rhinestones, ribbon and DEFINITELY the sequins. What little girl would be complete without some pizzazz? She may not even be born yet, but two days old or two years old - this kid is gunna be stylish. Enjoy the cuteness =]