Saturday, November 17, 2012

Running Late, Looking Fabulous, AND On A Dime

    These three things aren't exactly something you put together. You either get two of the three or just one of them. So how does all this come into play? Every one of us gorgeous beings with hair on top of our heads have woken up late and thought, "Oh crap... my hair is greasy. I'll just put it up." Problem. It still looks like you rolled around in fried food. I have the solution (and no... it doesn't involve expensive hair products. I will NEVER purchase these canned dry shampoos again!)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bringing 'Em Back Y'all!

     So trends are known to fade in and out, but honey some trends don't simply fade. They sometimes boldly step in and then make a grand exit. Well it is time to bring back one of those loud statements - epaulettes. Epa-whos? Epaulettes! They are those grand bits of shoulder candy worn by generals and modern pop icons. I say enough with the upper crust exclusively wearing these, and it is time to incorporate them into daily wear. I present to you... epaulettes. 

(ok... please know this one is strictly a joke...)

Being A Little Chunky Ain't All Bad

    So it has been a lil bit since I have posted anything and I have just been bubbling over with excitement about the new haul of inspiration pieces I have added to the many files of fabulous on my computer. What is my latest fashion binge? CHUNKY JEWELRY. Ok, so maybe giant pieces of sparkly and gorgeous things just isn't your bag. Well, my dear, this is where you may want to turn back. Dun dun DUUUUUUUN!